About Us

Carranza Jewelers is proud to be part of the Carranza y Carranza Joyas Finas family.

Carranza Jewelers is family owned and operated business in San Antonio, TX. Our company is an international business with 8 stores between U.S and Mexico.
We are a business that offers a sparkling selection of jewelry and watches for all occasions. We have over 70 years of experience dealing with all kinds of exquisite pieces and we sell only the best custom jewelry and custom diamonds available on the market. There's something for everyone and we are certain we can find the perfect piece for you. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we are committed to providing an outstanding service so that you have an exceptional experience at our store.
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Carranza y Carranza Joyas Finas

The story of Carranza y Carranza started in Monterrey NL, Mexico in the year 1945 with a small jewelry store located in the center of the city with the name “Joyeria El Tesoro.” As time progressed, new branches were opened throughout the city to have include 6 branches in 1990, under the trade name “Joyeria El Tesoro” and “Joyeria Real.”

In 1991 the passion for jewelry leads the company to seek only the best for its customers and incorporates a new concept of a two-branch jewelry boutique that specializes in brands and jewelry designers, but above all a great service to their customers. In 1994 the name of “Carranza y Carranza” made its first appearance in the two branches offering the innovative concept of boutique jewelry.

Alliances with major jewelry houses, worldwide passion for jewelry, the good taste of its partners, the tradition of service and hard work, and the desire to offer only the best conquered the demanding preferences of customers of Carranza y Carranza. Customers were surprised by the originality and beauty that the jewelry offered and the timelessness of this new concept of a jewelry boutique. The desire to offer the best experience and the best advice to each customer is what motivates all members of the Carranza family to seek the total satisfaction of all who visit our retail locations by helping them celebrate the most special moments of their life.

Today Carranza y Carranza, has 7 boutiques in Mexico in the Cities of San Pedro Garza Garcia, Monterrey, and Queretaro and 1 in United States in the City of San Antonio, Tx. Carranza y Carranza is recognized as a premiere Latin American jeweler featuring jewelry made by some of the most exclusive designers in the world of high fashion jewelry with unsurpassed quality.